FAA 333 Exemption & 107 for Motion Picture, Television and Commercial production

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Cineflex lens balancing  ring.

Cineflex lens balancing  ring.

Bracket for mounting gyroscopes on DSLR

Prototype bracket for mounting gyroscopes to DSLR

Prototype tubing joint for customer project 

Video bracket for mounting 2 gyroscopes to pro video cameras

non-reflective 4X5 lens board

Dog bones for mounting equipment on motion cameras

Machine Shop Services 
  1. Custom design and fabrication 
  2. Equipment repair and modification
  3. Wielding:  Aluminum, Stainless, Steel, Copper, ect.
  4. Precision machining 
  5. Prototyping 
  6. UAS/DRONE builds, modification, repair
  7. Custom Remote control and monitor setups 

I have been helping people in the film industry design custom tools and camera mounts. I also help Artists complete their visions from start to finish.

Contact me for a FREE consultation and we will figure out how to get your project completed.