This image is an NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) used to see plant health, hard and dry surfaces, and water distribution.

This image can be used as an archive image for the property owner to do many analyses.


1. Accurate measurements can be made from this image.  

   A. Precise longitude & Latitude anywhere on the image.

​   B. Precise distances can be used for replacement of a fence or new building placement.

​   C.  Precise area measurements of buildings square footage.

​   D. Precise Volume measurements of buildings.

Grape vine NDVI  (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) showing plant health, dry & wet areas.

This image shows elevation deferential of the property. 

These images can be compared year after year to see changes in the land. 


1. Is your soil sliding or gathering around the buildings?

2. Is the soil from the adjacent property affecting your property?

Grape vine image showing field layout.

High Resolution Orthomosaic 3D Maps 

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